The School Uniform is for students in years 7 - 10, and the Senior Uniform for students in years 11 - 13.
The School and Senior Uniform have a range of options for students to select from. The School and Senior uniforms are not gender-specific. It is up to the students to select from the range of School or Senior uniform options available. Uniform shirts come in two styles - fitted and unfitted.

A school uniform typically consists of either the school skirt, shorts or trousers; a school shirt (long or short sleeved); a school jumper or cardigan, and the school uniform scarf.

For senior students, there is the option of the school vest in addition to the school jumper or cardigan.

Jackets - the black puffer jacket can be worn by students.

Socks - school socks (available in a 3-pack from The U Shop).

Scarf - the school scarf is available from The U Shop.

Shoes - black shoes, sandals and sneakers are all acceptable. (The U Shop)

Examples of ACCEPTABLE footwear:

Footwear that is not permitted - white soles, colours other than black, ankle boots.
Examples of UNACCEPTABLE footwear: Sneakers with white soles, Ankle boots.

Sunhat - this will be available for purchase at the start of term 4 from The U Shop.

Blazer - will be an optional item and is in the design process.

Tie - will be an optional item and is in the design process.

Makeup and jewellery - the discrete use of makeup is permitted. Students may wear discrete jewellery - however, for health and safety reasons only stud earrings are permitted.

2021 is a transition year for us. We certainly do not want to burden families with additional costs.
- Students in year 10 (2021) can purchase the Senior Uniform.
- Students in year 12 who are not intending to return to the college in 2022 do not have to purchase a uniform if they will only be at school for the remainder of the year. These students will need a uniform pass (issued by their Dean). Parents will need to make contact with the Dean about this.
- Year 13 (2021) students do not need to purchase a uniform.